Escape Fire Protection architects & engineers work with you to design and install fire protection systems that meet your business needs.

Escape Fire Protection has been providing fire protection products and services since 1994.  We have the experience in designing automatic fire protection systems and are well established in the fire protection industry. Our experienced design team provides you with the highest quality products and services to meet the needs of both the residential and commercial building environments. From high rises, plazas, university campus and private residences, we design, install, inspect and document our work. We take a professional approach to projects and all our documents, drawings and calculations have the approval of our Licensed Professional Engineer.  We take great pride in the designing, installation and  servicing new projects as well as updating your old fire sprinkler systems.  Escape Fire Protection has the knowledge and expertise to work on various fire protection systems including fire pumps and stand pipe systems. As well, our experienced fitters can accommodate any emergencies that may arise.


Getting it Right for YOU !

Escape Fire Protection quotes include all the necessary architecture and engineering work, we conduct a through site visits and provide CAD drawings in electronic or paper format and include hydraulic calculations for your sprinkler system. We provide complete fabrication and installation service as well as certified implementation management. Need your fire protection system inspected?  You can count on Escape Fire Protection to undertake any inspection work that you may require as well.

Escape Fire Protection is a full service fire protection company.

Contacting Us

Escape Fire Protection is an Ottawa based Canadian company serving the National Capital Region and Eastern Ontario.

We can be reached by email, mail or telephone.


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1805 Trim Road
Ottawa, Ontario
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Telephone   613-830-4308
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